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NEW Maule M-9-235

Legendary MAULE Performance @ 2800 Lbs. GRWT
Enhancements found on the M-9-235
  • Gross Weight Increase of 300 lbs. (2800 lbs. Gross Weight)
  • Extremely Rugged Spring Aluminum Main Gear with Gun-Drilled Internal Brake Line.
  • High Lift, All Metal Wings with Substantially Reinforced Spars and Attach Points.
  • Larger Rivets and Bolts in Key Areas for Enhanced Strength.
  • Structural Reinforcements in the Fuselage Including Reinforced Mounting Tube for 
Tailwheel Forward Leaf Spring Attach Point. 
  • Cross-Country Cruiser: Carry 4 Adults plus 100 lbs. of luggage and over 4 hours of fuel.
  • Multi-Mission Aircraft: Carry 2 Adults plus 250 lbs. of equipment and over 7 hours of fuel.
  • Modular Cabin with Quick Removal Seats: 
 Pilot plus 4 Passengers, 
 Pilot plus 3 Passengers and Luggage, 
 Pilot and Copilot plus approximately 42 cubic feet of Cargo Area.
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