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Turbo Prop

MAULE MX-7-420 LANDPLANE (available in Taildragger, TriGear, and Amphibian)

Engine: Allison 420 SHP model 250-B17C
Propeller, Hartzel Constant Speed, Beta, 3 Blade: 80 inch
Wing Span: 30ft 10inches
Wing Area: 157.9sq ft
Length: 24ft
Height: 6ft 4inches
Cabin Width: 2.5ft
Configuration: 5 place
Gross Weight: 3300lbs
Empty Weight: 1380lbs
Useful Load: 1120lbs
Fue Capacity: 70gal
Stall Speed (Full flaps, power off): 50mph
Take Off Roll: 200ft
Rate of Climb Initial/Sustained: 4700/2200fpm
Land at Gross Roll: 300ft
Best Climb Speed: 100mph
Service Ceiling: 20 000ft
Speed Maximum: 200mph
Speed (75% power opt. alt.): 195mph
Speed (50% power opt. alt.): 180mph
Fuel Consumption (75% power): 25.9gph
Fuel Consumption (50% power): 17gph
Range (No reserve, 75% power): 526 miles
Range (No reserve, 50% power): 742 miles
Cruise (75% power opt. alt.): 160mph
Flap Settings: -7, 0, 24, 40°
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